The Therapist Song

by Stephan Krosecz

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Coi Reznor Holloway I can't believe more people aren't supporting this song! love all your stuff, and i hope you can share your genuis with the many people who're missing out!
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This is a song I've had written for a long time, I figured it was time to finally put it out there in some form. And here we are!


Listen, Jeremy. I know you're feeling down at the moment, but I'm here to help. That's my job, that's why I get paid. So I wrote you a little song to help you understand yourself better!

Do you ever feel
Like the world is out to get you?
Do you ever feel
Like you’re hated by your peers?

Do you ever feel
Like no one understands you
Well I’ve got something
You should hear!


It’s all true it’s all true
And it’s all because of you
It’s all true it’s all true
And there’s nothing you can do about

It’s all true it’s all true
But this is something you already knew
It’s all true it’s all true
And everyone blames you


Do you ever feel
Like your life is without meaning
Do you ever feel
Like you’re just a waste of space

Do you ever feel
Like people keep convening
To find ways to avoid
Your ugly face?



Sometimes you feel like a schmuck
And you should, ‘cuz you suck
It’s good that you frown
‘Cuz it only goes down from here


Do you ever feel
Like life won’t go your way
Well you better deal
‘Cuz that’s how it’s gonna stay

Happiness is an illusion
We fall for every single day
The only sane conclusion
Is to give in to dismay!


Everyone blames you
Everyone blames

And that's time! That'll be two-hundred bucks


released September 2, 2014




Stephan Krosecz Cypress, Texas

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